Transfoodmation 2023

noviembre 11, 2023 admin Comments Off

On November 11th, Brilian actively participated in TRANSFOODMATION2023, an event dedicated to exploring and fostering sustainability within the agrifood sector. The event, organized by our partner, FOOD+i Cluster, served as a pivotal platform
for industry leaders, experts, and project partners.

Event’s highlights:

Sustainability Co-Creation Workshop:

Participants immersed themselves in a collaborative workshop, sharing best practices and gaining valuable insights into the implementation of successful sustainability strategies for the future.

Unveiling the Sustainability Guide:

FOOD+i  launched the Sustainability Guide: this guide stands out as a crucial tool for companies committed to forging a sustainable path forward.


TRANSFOODMATION2023 acted as a hub where industry leaders, experts, and project partners converged, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and strategies aimed at advancing sustainability within the agrifood sector. Notably, our Spanish partners, leading the Spanish pilot, were actively present: Berta Gonzalvo Bas and Carolina Peñalva Lapuente from Aitiip Centro Tecnológico & Tecnopackaging, along with Ana Carrasco Pérez from Paturpat Sociedad Cooperativa. Their contributions further enriched the event, demonstrating a collective commitment to sustainable practices in agriculture.