Advisory Board of Farmers

What is the Advisory Board of Farmers?

BRILIAN’s Abvisory Board of Farmers (ABF) is an operative instrument of the project meant to enhance the tangible application of the project outcomes and solutions. ABF’s dedicated team of experts will evaluate the scalability of business models applied in the BRILILAN pilots across different regions. This close cooperation will ensure the knowledge dissemination and cultivation of a robust, cooperative multi-participant network to identify key sustainability challenges and opportunities in the regions.

Goals of the ABF

Boost collaboration and unity among all BRILIAN stakeholders

Foster a joint ambition for sustainable adaptation to climate challenges implementing BRILIAN solutions.

Enhance employment opportunities

Bridge the gap between rural and urban communities, and enhancing the well-being and prosperity of individuals and communities at large.

Costribute to the selection of exemplary farms that epitomise the fusion of sustainable farming techniques with economically viable bioeconomy production.

Evaluate the adaptability of business models in diverse regions of the BRILIAN initiative

Facilitate and synchronize the endeavors of the entire ensemble of participants and stakeholders within the specific community

Steer a strategic blueprint at both scientific and technological dimensions

ABF will support the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders, inspire local initiatives by engaging communities to project activities.

Procedure of acceptance

Step 1: Applicants express their interest to cooperate through the dedicated form below.

Step 2: The application will be reviewed to check the fulfillment of the specific criteria.

Step 3: Upon acceptance, you will receive an oficial invitation, the Declaration of Acceptance.

Step 4: You will be then part of the Board and ready to participate in its discussions and activities!

Why collaborate?

By entering the ABF, you will have access to an active network of experts across Europe. You will take part in the decision making process in the implemantation of the project and gain valuable insight regarding technology transfer and each region’s opportunities and challenges. You will also have the chance to collaborate with knowledgable practitioners in your field, expand your network, connect with the Primary Producers Group to be created by the CBE-JU, and get in touch with multiple stakeholder groups.

Additonally, you will have access to several opportunities provided by our partner’s network. See all the benefits here.

Express your interest!