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Scientific & Technological

Development of circular business models to better valorise all streams and to reduce the generation of waste, adapted both to a macrolevel context and to the technologies / processes / feedstocks available at micro-level.


The transformation of linear value-chains into circular bio-based value-chains will lead to an overall environmental impact reduction.


Increase in the products portfolio of primary production by valorising waste and by-products, that will allow primary producers to diversify their income while reducing risk, and to the creation of new jobs and economic opportunities in depressed rural areas.

Local impacts:

405 t per year of safflower, cardoon and sunflower processed to generate high added value bioproducts.

Recovery of more than 55 ha of marginal and abandoned lands through regenerative agricultural practices.

Valorisation of 10 kt per year of potato for the generation of high added value applications.

Reducing 90% the COD in water in the Spanish pilot compared with benchmark.

Valorisation of 1,000 kg rapeseed biomass per year to produce high protein edible oil.


40% CO2 emissions avoidance in the process compared with using soybeans as raw material in the Danish pilot.

Development of 42 multi-contractual agreements between primary producers and the industrial actors.

10 new bio-based materials validated.

Creation of more than 30 new jobs in rural areas.

Development of 6 campaigns and training actions in rural areas.

Engagement of more than 100 farmers and primary producers at the end of the project.

Policy Bulletin Europe – how bioeconomy should move alongside policies and standards.will be published every 6 months to support bioeconomy business models and matchmaking for funding.


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