CIRCE is Technology Centre founded in 1993, seeking to provide innovative solutions for a sustainable development. We work towards improving the competitiveness of enterprises through generation of technology transfer by means of R+D activities and market-oriented training within the field of resource sustainability and effectiveness, energy grids and renewable energies. CIRCE's purpose is to anticipate and transfer technological solutions for their sustainability and competitiveness.

CIRCE is the BRILIAN coordinator. In addition, CIRCE leads WP3, developing and implementing the learning and monitoring framework and generating content to feed it and for the later sustainability and circularity assessment. CIRCE also leads the development of the logistical module and the BRILIAN optimization toolkit within WP4 and its later implementation and adoption to the three project pilots.


The Novamont Group is an industrial company with its roots in the Montedison School of Science of Materials, created to pursue the ambitious project of various researchers: the integration of chemistry and agriculture. Founded in 1990, it is now a Benefit Company, a certified B Corp and a global leader in the production of bioplastics and the development of biochemicals and bioproducts from renewable sources.

Within the BRILIAN project NVMT will be responsible for the development of new business models for the bio-based systems and for cooperation actions between stakeholders. 


Paturpat S.Coop. was created in 2016 by Udapa S. Coop. as a way to meet new and developing consumer trends by creating food products that are easy to prepare, nutritional and healthy. Udapa was created in 1993 as a unique cooperative project. The union between Propaco (an agricultural cooperative), Proagral (associated work cooperative) and Laboral Kutxa (a credit cooperative) leads to the creation of Udapa, a cooperative project that aims to professionalise the production processes and sale of fresh potatoes. After painstaking research by our in-house team and with the support of some of the leading technological centres in the food sector, Paturpat was launched in 2016 with a wide range of ready-prepared potato products. At the end of 2017, Paturpat is awarded with the Lanzadera Award at Fruit Attraction, the most prestigious fruit and vegetable exhibition in the State, for being the best innovation and entrepreneurship project in the fruit and vegetable sector. All the potatoes are provided by Udapa, which guarantees that the potatoes come directly from our fields, and that they are high quality products and totally reliable. Our products are designed for industry, Food Service and retail.

PATURPAT will process 10.000 tones of potato each year during the following 4 years. In the meantime a starch extraction facility with the following characteristics will be built: Infrastructure equipment: 1 flume system for transporting the slurry and pieces of potato from the potato processing lines to the starch recovery system, 1 parabollic screen, screw press, , 1 refining sieve, 1 recirculation water tank, 2 hydrocyclone units, 2 pumps, 1 vacuum filter, 2 screw conveyor

The extraction facility will process 140.000m3 of water yearly To produce 450.000 kg of startch. It is estimated that PATURPAT will be able to reduce COD from water by a 95% compared with benchmark. Additionally, an additional use to the cutting water will be provide by using the startch. This will be done by ATIIP and TECHNO with different approaches.


Aitiip is a technology centre highly specialised in plastics processing and mould manufacturing. Aitiip provides technological knowledge to companies to improve their competitiveness and strengthen their innovation and development capabilities. To this aim, Aitiip has participated in more than 140 R&D&I public funded projects in the last 20 years, heavily focused on green transition and circular economy, new materials and recycling processes, advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0 and robotics. This vibrant research activity has resulted in 11 patents and the transfer of knowledge to 144 industry projects. Aitiip offers its expertise and skills, commitment to sustainability and state-of-the-art equipment to industry and society. Aitiip, manufacturing ideas.

AITIIP puts at the service of the BRILIAN project all its knowledge in the adaptation of bio-based materials for their processing through the main plastic transformation technologies. Identifying the best combination with other biopolymers and natural additives to improve their performance and sustainability following the principles of Safe and Sustainable by Design.

Tecno packaging tp

Tecnopackaging is a technology-based company founded in 2010 as a spin-off of AITIIP Technology Centre. Tecnopackaging´s main purpose is conducting R+D+ i on advanced polymeric materials and their transformation processes for packaging and industrial plastic applications, targeting companies which operate directly or indirectly in the agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Tecnopackaging integrates the capabilities and skills of various researchers and has the necessary technical equipment for providing customers a comprehensive design of new products, from concept to prototype, validation, and development of the first series. In addition, Tecnopackaging develops all its activities keeping in mind an-eco-innovative perspective, analyzing in each case the different alternatives that would reduce the environmental impact of both their products and/or their processes.

TECNOPACKAGING will design and validate new packaging formats including circularity principles based on the bioplastic matrices developed in the Brilian project. In this way, it will promote the production of added-value bio-based materials and industrial products with improved sustainability.


DLG Food Oil is a part of the DLG Group, a cooperative owned by Danish farmers.

DLG Food Oil crushes rapeseed from Danish farmers and are a main supplier of refined rapeseed oil to food industry in Denmark and the other Nordic countries. As a side stream in the production there is a large amount of rapeseed expellers, that for the moment mainly is used as feed supplement for dairy cattle. These expellers have a high content of high­ quality protein, that in the future could be an important supplement in human nutrition.DLG Food Oil processes app 200.00 mt rapeseed pr year and employs 30 persons

DLG will put BRILIAN in contact to farmers supplying rapeseed, provide supplying raw material for the Danish Pilot and evaluate upscaling possibilities

Danish-tecnological Institute

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is Denmark’s largest supplier of technological services to industry and society. DTI works on a non-profit basis providing consultancy and R&D services to companies. DTI’s mission is to promote growth by improving interaction and encourage synergy between different technological disciplines. Hence, an important goal is to create and transfer state-of-the-art knowledge to applied solutions in the industry. DTI also takes part in and manages a large number of innovative research projects in Denmark and internationally, across a wide range of scientific disciplines. DTI participates in R&D projects in close collaboration with SMEs, large companies and leading research establishments both at national and international levels to provide leading-edge solutions to operational and technical problems. DTI has an extensive experience in running and participating in national and international innovation and research projects, including H2020, BBI JU and FP7.

DTI participates with a multidisciplinary team from the Food and Production, and Innovation and Digital Transformation departments, leading the assessment of barriers and opportunities of the bioeconomy and the identification and mapping of the different environmental aspects that need to be considered in a rural economy. Moreover, DTI will develop and implement BRILIAN business models in the Danish context, testing and validating developed process in the food grade pilot scale facilities for biorefinery and bioconversion located in Taastrup, Denmark.


CHIMAR is an innovative research SME, pioneer in technology for producing bio-based adhesives, and applying them as binders in the manufacture of composite wood panels. CHIMAR technology encompasses the replacement of the petrochemical feedstocks used in adhesives production with renewable chemicals, that are derived from natural lignocellulosic materials, biopolymers and biomass, an expertise that dates since the 90s.

The adhesives developed by CHIMAR have been tested and evaluated at the lab, pilot and the most promising ones at the industrial scale.

Partner CHIMAR will provide a close to market feedback through the validation of the bio-proteins produced by one of the pilots in the synthesis of adhesives for wood composites.

Food+i Cluster

The Food+i Cluster is a private business organization that promotes collaboration among entities related to the agri-food sector in the Ebro Valley, providing them with resources to boost their corporate innovation.

The Ebro Valley is the main Food Production HUB in Spain, with 25% of the companies, accounting for 36% of the sector's total revenue (45.369 billion euros) and 33% of the total jobs (143,429 jobs). It's a leading space in Europe that will shape the present and future of the industry.

FOOD+i incorporates a network of leading European technology partners, which enables its companies to have a research-oriented perspective focused on anticipation and the development of market-oriented solutions, and works intensively within the European environment, participating in the main business platforms in the fields of digitization, innovation, and the bioeconomy, where activities and projects of interest to its partners are analyzed.

As the Dissemination and Communication leader of BRILIAN, FOOD+i's mission is to promote and give visibility to the project, attracting potential end-users while spreading knowledge and raising awareness. By making results openly available, we strive to benefit as many European citizens as possible, ensuring the widespread impact of our project.

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is the largest food and bioeconomy cluster in Europe, formed in 2021 by an amalgamation of four previous clusters. ​Food & Bio Cluster Denmark has over 450 subscribing member companies and 42 staff, based in 9 offices across the country.​ Food & Bio Cluster Denmark brings together stakeholders, builds partnerships, support and help with commercialization of new research-based knowledge for increased innovation in Danish food and bioeconomy companies. Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is involved in 150+ events yearly, from small network meetings to large conferences.

In BRILIAN, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark will have an assisting/supporting role in analyses of the bioeconomy market, development of business models, the work with the pilot in Denmark, IPR management and implementation/exploitation of results as well as dissemination and communication activities.


ENCO is dedicated to reshaping the realm of Innovation Management for private enterprises and research institutions. Boasting over three decades of unparalleled experience, we specialize in elevating concepts into state-of-the-art solutions, thanks to our globally diverse and dynamic team of experts.
ENCO prowess extends to offering highly specialized, precision-crafted services across the entire Research and Innovation (R&I) project spectrum. From the initial proposal to the seamless project execution, ENCO serves as your unwavering partner. ENCO comprehensive suite of bespoke solutions covers the gamut, encompassing vital facets such as securing crucial funding, strategic communication, meticulous dissemination strategies, robust exploitation, results-driven marketing, business development, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) expertise, as well as in-depth market analysis, behavioural analysis, and socio-economic analysis.
At ENCO, we not only navigate the complex landscape of innovation but also excel in unraveling its intricacies. Through meticulous market analysis, we discern trends, opportunities, and potential pitfalls, ensuring your innovation strategy is on a firm footing. Our behavioral analysis expertise helps decode user preferences and decision-making processes, guiding product and service development. Furthermore, our socio-economic analysis delves into the broader societal impact, ensuring your innovations align with and contribute to positive socio-economic outcomes.
ENCO isn't just about managing innovation; we thrive in it, simplifying intricate processes, and igniting an unwavering passion for innovation that is not only captivating but also grounded in meticulous analysis.

ENCO takes charge of the Replication and Exploitation work package (WP6) within BRILIAN, orchestrating a range of crucial activities to maximize project impact and sustainability.
Facilitating Stakeholder Networking: We actively foster connections and collaborations among project stakeholders. By facilitating networking, we create an environment for valuable knowledge exchange, synergy, and cooperation among all involved parties.
Ensuring Broad Outreach: Our team is committed to ensuring that the project's outcomes reach a wide and diverse audience. We employ targeted communication and dissemination strategies to effectively convey project achievements and innovations to stakeholders, industry peers, and the public.
Monitoring Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): We maintain vigilant oversight of intellectual property rights associated with the project. This includes safeguarding proprietary information, managing licenses, and ensuring that all IPR matters align with project goals and legal requirements.
Contributing to Socio-Economic Analysis: ENCO’s expertise extends to the socio-economic domain, where we analyze the broader societal and economic impact of BRILIAN outcomes. We assess how the innovations align with societal needs and contribute positively to economic growth and well-being.
Circular Business Models: In line with sustainability principles, we collaborate with project partners to explore and implement circular business models. These models promote resource efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable practices, aligning with modern environmental and business sustainability goals.
ENCO's involvement in WP6 ensures that BRILIAN not only innovate but also achieve meaningful and lasting impacts through effective stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, and a commitment to socio-economic and environmental responsibility.

European Bioeconomy Bureau

The EBB’s vision is to see materials and energy derived from biowastes and agricultural by-products, from renewable, sustainably grown, bio-based resources that complement food production, returned through systemic management to soil, to enhance and ensure the long-term viability of agricultural production in Europe.  The EBB uses research, policy advocacy and knowledge sharing to enhance the development of the European bioeconomy.

David Newman is the Chair and Co-Founder of the EBB and has worked on bioeconomy practice and policy for 25 years in Italy, the UK and the EU. The EBB’s role in the project is to help on communications and advise on policy.  

Bio East Hub

The BIOEAST HUB CR is the 1st national bioeconomy BIOEAST HUB in the Central and Eastern European region, established as a working body of the   BIOEAST Initiative with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. BIOEAST HUB CR is acting both on the national and macro-region level, enhancing  bioeconomy through awareness activities, networking, national & international project participation,  strategic policy consultation and also coordinating two macro-regional BIOEAST  Thematic Working Groups (Fresh Water Based Bioeconomy and BIoeconomy Education) of the BIOEAST Initiative. BIOEAST HUB CR is supporting the network of bioeconomy universities BIOEAST Uni Net

In the BRILIAN Project, the BIOEAST HUB CZ is building bridges to the Central & Eastern European region fully utilising its expertise and established networks (i.e. primary producers, innovaiton brokers, research organisatons). BIOEAST HUB CR will be involved in activites connected to  social innovation, education, and stakeholder engagement to the replication of technological and biomass valorization solutions produced by the BRILIAN project  in the BIOEAST macro-region. 


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