Launch of the Brilian Advisory Board for Farmers

junio 13, 2024 admin Comments Off

BRILIAN, the pioneering European innovation project dedicated to support sustainable and circular cooperative business models in rural areas, has launched its Advisory Board of Farmers (ABF).

The ABF aims to amplify the voices of primary producers within the bioeconomy dialogue, ensuring their needs are prioritized and heard by key stakeholders.

It will play a crucial role in applying BRILIAN’s innovative solutions across various regions, assessing their scalability and fostering collaboration among stakeholders such as regional authorities, food manufacturers, and investors. By promoting sustainable agricultural practices and bridging rural-urban divides, the ABF seeks to enhance community resilience and economic sustainability in the bioeconomy sector.

The primary goals of the ABF include enhancing collaboration among BRILIAN stakeholders, fostering sustainable adaptation to climate challenges, and promoting dialogue on circular bio-based systems with policymakers at EU and national levels. It will also select representative farms to showcase best practices, evaluate business model adaptability, and inspire local initiatives through community engagement. Members of the ABF will benefit from networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and the chance to influence strategic decisions that advance sustainable development in rural regions.

For more details about the Advisory Board of Farmers and membership benefits, visit the ABF section below. The Press Release is also available here.