Innovation and Sustainability in the Ebro Valley region

mayo 22, 2024 admin Comments Off

This morning, Brilian participated in a fruitful roundtable discussion titled «Sustainable Future in the Agro-Food Sector,» chaired by Juan Viejo Blanjard, the Cluster Manager of FOOD+i, at the Centro Tecnológico de La Rioja. This impactful gathering, organised by THINKTIC in collaboration with the Government of La Rioja, brought together key industry players and regional authorities explore the intersection of innovation and sustainability within the Ebro Valley region’s agrifood sector.

During the engaging discussions, the esteemed panelists comprising Jorge Barriobero from CNTA, Ángel Losantos representing Matadero Calatayud, Carlota González of Grupo VEGOLA, and Raquel Gómez from FOOD+i, delved deep into the transformative role of sustainability initiatives in propelling innovation within the agro-food industry. They highlighted how a shift towards more sustainable practices not only addresses pressing environmental concerns but also unlocks a plethora of innovative opportunities. From precision agriculture techniques to the adoption of renewable energy solutions, the panelists emphasized the importance of leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to drive forward-thinking initiatives.

Moreover, the conversation extended beyond mere theoretical discourse, with concrete examples illustrating how sustainability-driven innovation is already reshaping the agro-food landscape. Whether it be the implementation of circular economy principles to minimize waste or the integration of blockchain technology to enhance supply chain transparency, the panelists showcased practical strategies that are yielding tangible results, such as Brilian project.

As the dialogue unfolded, a consensus emerged on the pivotal role that La Rioja can play in spearheading agro-food innovation on both regional and global scales. With its rich agricultural heritage, coupled with a burgeoning ecosystem of research institutions and industry collaborators, La Rioja is poised to become a beacon of innovation in the agro-food sector. In essence, the discussions served as a clarion call for collective action, urging stakeholders across La Rioja to embrace the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and innovation. 

We extend our gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions, which made this event a resounding success. As we forge ahead, we are eager to continue our collaborative efforts toward realizing a circular future for rural areas, which is Brilian project motto!