A NEW ARTICLE IS OUT! Potatoes to Revitalize Rural Areas

septiembre 5, 2023 admin Comments Off

We are thrilled that the specialised Agro Magazine, from the Diario de La Rioja, has shown interest in our project. Their coverage not only acknowledges our efforts but also sheds light on the significance of reevaluating the byproducts stemming from potato crops and processing.

See the translation of the article below:

The Brilian project supports new business models in rural areas for a smoother transition to bio-based economies.

The food+i Food Cluster of the Ebro Valley (based in La Rioja) is part of the European innovation project Brilian, which has a budget of 6 million euros and aims to support the adoption of sustainable and cooperative business models in rural areas and enable a better transition to bio-based economies.

With the goal of expanding the business model of agro-industries and harnessing their full potential, work will be carried out with ten bio-based value chains starting from thistle, safflower, and sunflower (in Italy), potatoes (in Spain), and rapeseed (in Denmark) as raw materials to develop sustainable business models covering a wide range of high-value-added bio-products, such as bioplastics, biolubricants, proteins, bioadhesives, bioherbicides, products for animal feed, or the cosmetic industry. All of this will allow primary producers to diversify their sources of income while reducing risk.

In the case of La Rioja, the possibility of giving ‘a second life’ to potatoes can revitalize the presence of a product that has gradually disappeared from the regional cultivation landscape – when a few decades ago its production was significant in La Rioja – due to the lack of profitability.

The Aragonese Technological Center, AITIIP, specialized in materials development and plastic transformation, leads the Spanish part of the project, which aims to find products derived from potatoes, revaluing their waste with a new use, thus increasing the profitability of cultivation.