Brilian’s Inspiring Journey at CBESF23

diciembre 7, 2023 admin Comments Off

On December 7th, Brilian embarked on a remarkable journey as we actively engaged in the #CBESF23, delving into the dynamic landscape of the #European #circular #biobased sector. This event wasn’t just a conference; it served as a portal to the future, providing a panoramic view of the innovations and advancements shaping the European circular biobased landscape. Moreover, it served as a strategic meeting ground, allowing us to strengthen connections with our esteemed partners.

A sincere thank you extends to our collaborators, including Catia Bastioli from Novamont, Berta Gonzalvo Bas from Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, Lidia García Quiles from Tecnopackaging, Anni Simonsen from Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, David Robert Newman FCIWM from the European Bioeconomy Bureau, Olga de Blas Gómez de Segura & Sofía Ros Palomares from FOOD+i – Cluster Alimentario del Valle del Ebro, and Simona Mincione & Antonietta Pizza from ENCO Engineering and Consulting srl. Your efforts in championing Brilian are genuinely appreciated! Beyond the professional exchanges, the event left us truly inspired!