Robocoop-EU - circulaR bioecOnomy Business mOdels owned by agroCOOPeratives

Large-scale roll-out of the bioeconomy requires the establishment of new cooperative business models involving primary producers and other stakeholders. Implemented in three regions – Extremadura, Spain; Apulia, Italy; and West Macedonia, Greece, it proposes circular regional business models for the use of waste streams from three agricultural sectors: grape, olive and stone fruit cultivation.

Robocoop-EU is Brilian Sister Project and together will establish a collaboration in order to promote knowledge transfer, methodology share, and joint communication and dissemination actions.

BioeconomyVentures - Raising Disruptive Bioeconomy Ventures, Start-ups and Spin-offs to the Top

The BioeconomyVentures project will establish the definitive reference platform for bioeconomy-based start-ups and spinoffs seeking to access finance and business insights. It aims at creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the bio-based industry sector by offering support, brokerage and networking services to the relevant stakeholders.

Both projects will establish a collaboration in order to provide to primary producers a potential tool to connect with technology providers and funding opportunities, promote knowledge transfer, and joint communication and dissemination actions.


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